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When you get married, there are so many arrangements and preparations to be made; we thought we’d help you along the way. You’re so busy preparing for the big day, don’t forget to take a little care of yourself too. You will, after all, be the main attraction of the day and you want and should look your best.

From dress fittings to having your hair done, one of the things you should definitely not neglect is choosing your perfect makeup artist, but every artist needs a well-cared canvas to work on.

We asked Kelly Strunck from Kelly May_Makeup Artist to give us the low down on your pre-wedding makeup regime.

Here is the breakdown on what she recommends.
Get your skin assessed early on by a qualified beauty therapist.

At 4-6 weeks before your wedding, book your appointment for your skin assessment with your beauty therapist.

The texture and appearance of your skin plays a major role in the end result of your make up.
Dry and bumpy skin, no matter how good the makeup artist, will affect your final look. When your skin has been looked after with products specifically prescribed for your skin, it will really show through in your makeup and your chances of achieving that flawless soft glow will be greatly enhanced.
Starting with a basic skin care routine and slowly building up the steps will improve your skin’s appearance. Your starting block should be cleansing, toning and a face cream suitable to your skin. Your beauty therapist will recommend products to you after your assessment.

When you are ready to increase your routine, you can start adding an eye cream, exfoliator, mask and a serum. The improvements will be great and it will definitely show in your makeup application.

Hydrate your skin cells and take care of your elbows
With your skin care regime sorted, so begins the task of choosing your makeup artist for your wedding day.

When choosing your makeup artist, take the following into account:

• Do your homework. Ask around and get an idea of the recommended and popular makeup             
            artists in your area. (Ask  your photographer for a recommendation as well as they work with  
            quite an array of makeup artist and have scrutinised their work on brides’ faces. Wedding 
            planners will also be able to assist you in this regard.)

• Have a look through their professional business page or website portfolio and see if their style is 
            similar to what you have in mind.

• Find someone that you click with, they will be with you on your special day and you want it to 
            be a fun and enjoyable experience.

• Find someone that is accommodating and makes the experience easy for you.

• Book your trial Makeup about 1 month before the wedding. Use this time to speak up if there is 
            anything you are not happy with or would like to change so that your makeup artist is aware
            of it before your big day arrives.

The benefits of receiving regular facials can be remarkable, resulting in softer skin, a more even skin tone, refined pores and improved circulation to add to your glow.

Facial massages also helps to relax your facial muscles which can slow down the onset of wrinkles so it also has a longer lasting effect. These massages also reduce puffiness and promote skin renewal.

Take control of your skin care regime.
Hydrated skin cells are more plump, elastic and full of life. Using hydrating products as well as a sufficient water intake of about 2 litres of water per day will increase your cell hydration levels.

Your elbows are such a weird thing to think about, but they can build up skin and go hard as a protective function to your bone. Simply making a conscious note of scrubbing your elbows with a nice sugar scrub and then moisturising them afterwards can make them softer in texture and appearance.

Take care of your lips!
No bride wants dry, cracked lips for her special day so treat them with a light sugar scrub once a week followed by sleeping with a lip treatment on.

Not all products need to be purchased either. You can make a luscious sugar scrub by combining a little honey and sugar. Use castor sugar if you find regular sugar too coarse.

Image credit: Debbie Kelly Photography
Image credit: Debbie Kelly Photography
Schedule your facials 4-6 weeks before your wedding
Lip treatment can also be made at home by mixing 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 4 drops of honey and 2 drops vanilla. Store your mixture in an airtight container and apply every night before you get into bed.
Treat your nails!
Got that beautiful ring you always wished for? Make it even more beautiful by taking good care of your hands and nails for your big day. Don’t neglect your nails as they complete your look as a bride and everyone will be grabbing your hand at the wedding to have a look at that beautiful ring.
Here are some tips in keeping your hands beautiful:
· Keep them soft by getting a decent hand cream and apply it at least twice a day.
· If you are a nail biter, you need to stop immediately. Nails take 4-6 months to grow out so starting ahead of time would help to correct any damage.
· When washing dishes or working with chemicals, wear some gloves to protect your nails and hands.
· Try different colours and shapes to find your favourite. You could also choose your nail colour according to your wedding colour scheme or theme!

Image credit: Estefania Romero | Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Keep your brows in check.
Did you know that your eyebrows can change the entire way your face looks?
In order to keep this major facial feature looking its best, many women opt to use techniques to maintain and shape the brow area. If this seems like a daunting task to you, I promise it is not. Waxing, threading or tweezing can get your brows in shape.
If you aren’t already in a routine, you need to start now. Your beauty therapist will be able to help you choose a shape that will suit your face as well as shape them perfectly.

Get that healthy summer glow with spray tan.
Adding a nice glow to your skin for your special day is always recommended but choose the brand you want to use carefully as you don’t want to have an orange skin tone on your big day.

I highly recommend SunFx, it’s an Australian product made of natural ingredients and does not contain orange or yellow pigments.
Image credit: Debbie Kelly Photography
Image credit: Michelle Guziński | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Also something you can consider is a “Touch Up Kit” for your special day:
With regards to the longevity and staying ability of a Makeup Artist’s work, we unfortunately can’t be held responsible if there are extreme tears or constant wiping.
With that in mind, I know that some brides can be very emotional and tend to cry quite a bit, this is why I offer a “Touch Up Kit” which would be additional to their package with me.  I truly do find that this comes in handy, if not for excessive tears then most certainly for after you have done all your greetings and kisses with all the wedding guests.
As the bride, you can also find out if the makeup artist is willing to come back after the ceremony to do the touch ups in person. This is not normally necessary but do consider it especially if you are getting married in summer and you know the chances of it being hot that day is good. This is normally charged at an extra rate, so you will need to discuss this with the makeup artist beforehand.

Image credit: Debbie Kelly Photography
Kelly May Strunck is a well known Makeup Artist in East London and owner of Kelly May_Makeup Artist. She is also a qualified Beauty Therapist at Complexions Beauty Salon